Testimonials for the Center for Heeling

What Susan's Clients Have to Say:

Susan's class was great. It really helped my dog (and me) learn the basics. This is the third round of obedience classes we've tried and the only one that has been successful. We look forward to the next group of classes in Jan.


Susan is terrific and an effective trainer. This was our first puppy, so Susan had come highly recommended to me and I must say she has been a absolute pleasure.

She is incredibly passionate about what she does and it is demonstrated in how she interacts with our dog. She is smart, insightful, solution oriented, calming, caring, and very knowledgeable. She is very committed to making a difference.

V & J.H-Accord,NY

I have to share with you my mother was absolutely floored.  She saw her right after all of her previous training and saw NO improvement, what matters most to her is really feeling safe around the dog and wanting (like the rest of us) so much to enjoy her company.  She was sooooooo impressed with her much calmer demeanor.  So much so that I was able to serve lunch with friends and my mom with the dog in a down at our feet.  My mom was so proud of her, and said she has never seen her in the year and a half we have had her so relaxed.  She (my mom) has been the biggest push to find her a more suitable home, empathizing for both my frustrations and her feeling that a dog should NOT have to go to it's crate every time a guest comes over, that in her words, it seems cruel to have to lock her up in jail when people come over.
Thank You!

V.W. - Accord, NY

It was the time with you, your training,  and your real advice and words that have shifted my perspectives.  I was blocked, feeling all done after a year and a half of the worst puppy experience I have ever had.  Almost to the point that I had such a bad taste in my mouth for both psychological and actual experiences that I questioned if I was ever a pet person and thinking I NEVER wanted to get another dog after my feelings of hurt, disappointment and frustrations in the fact that I had failed myself and this dog, and my son.... That was before your help, that is the first help that I actually see results with, that I truly feel that you have all of our best interests at heart and that you truly understand, yet do not belittle my feelings from my negative experiences yet, are honest enough to say YOU need to ____.  

I am very impressed with what having the right mentality and tools can do.  And I am proud of our progress and ability to learn new things. Thank You!

J.G. - Kerhonkson, NY

Thank you so much for the heads up on the attention seeking, it makes sense!  I can already see results and with the progress that we have made so far, I do think that she will be ready sooner than later to switch up to another reward!  I love this!

Ben - Accord, NY

As a dog owner, I believe I have indeed struck gold with Susan's Center for Heeling, service in New Paltz, NY, Ulster County/The Catskills.  A veterinary technician and assistant w/ an animal hospital/veterinary establishment where I take my 7 yr old labrador, Susan is highly professional, extremely competent, responsible and caring. My experience has been way beyond expectation!
I was emailed at intervals throughout the nights & days my beloved Sophie was in their care with updates, pictures and regular assurance that all was well. I didn't expect this but it was so great to have,throughout her stay and, particularly, during a horrific thunder & lightning storm the first evening she was there. (Sophie is terrified of storms and I was so worried but there she was, in an emailed picture looking as happy and peaceful as a little buddha!) I was already ecstatic but when Susan returned her to me BATHED I hit nirvana. The Center sits on 5 acres with a stream allowing my labrador to run and swim - activities so dear to her heart. Susan's 2 lovely dogs were terrific with Sophie and kept her company.She came home a VERY happy dog and my trust and gratitude for Susan's and the Center for Heeling's extraordinary care and competence knows no bounds. Thank you! Thank you! I cannot recommend them enough and wish I had known of them sooner.
Susan has my permission to give my email/phone if additional referencing/information is needed.

Laura, High Falls,NY

Susan, you have given us a great jumping off point and I appreciate it SSSSOOOOOO much. We still have good moments and bad moments when people come to the door. She has been back on the treadmill and we have gotten up to .8mph (still a work in progress) Again Thank-You SSSSSOOOOOO much for all your help and I will talk with you soon.

Alicia - Saugerties, NY