I have acres and a fence.......

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When I first became a dog trainer, getting customers took a little time. Even when I was working at the animal hospital and had lots of connections to people who needed my services! It takes time to build up a reputation and a  small business, so to fill in the gaps in my schedule, I decided to offer dog walking services. I never dreamed people in the country would need a dog walker and lots of people still don't think that they do. Here are my top 3 reasons why YOU need a dog walker.

 1) Fenced in yards are great for dogs, but dogs don't really exercise themselves.

 Dogs are social creatures and while they might zoom around the yard for a few nano seconds on their own, they aren't getting enough exercise unless you are actively out there with them engaged in an activity like fetch or tug. How many fat dogs do you see behind fences? I see LOTS!

2) Dog poop!

 If your dog only has the back yard as a toilet, someone has to clean that up. Wouldn't it be nice if he would go poop someplace else once in a while and if someone else had to pick it up? Plus, it's common for folks to miss early signs of trouble if they aren't even there to see the dog go potty. Is she peeing too much? Is his stool soft? Is there blood? Worms? Oh My Gosh, is that a sock?

3) Structure

 Playing at the dog park on the weekend might be nice for you, if your dog and every other dog there is safe and sociable but most dogs were bred to be out in the field, working, every day. We can't really expect one hour of dog park time on the weekend to meet the needs of these working/hunting creatures. A long walk a few times a week can prevent boredom that leads to behavior problems.