Doga Classes

Doga is finally here! That's right, Yoga Class with your canine companion.
In doga, you renew and reset by practicing gentle yoga poses with your dog by your side. You bond with your dog while you become more relaxed and calm. It's a great way to spend some extra special, hands on time together.                                                      
45 minute Classes in Kingston. Wednesday evenings 7pm starting March 26
Who should do Doga?
We welcome friendly dogs that are social with people and other dogs. Humans at any level can do Doga, this class is beginner friendly! Classes taught by registered yoga instructor Suzanne Downie and certified dog trainer, Susan Gleeson.
My dog is so hyper!
Dogs of all energy levels can benefit from Doga, so long as they are not aggressive towards humans or other dogs.(Please remember, high energy dogs need stimulation such as obedience training, food puzzles and plenty of exercise and perhaps agility or nose work classes.) Doga is not a substitute for these activities.
What should I bring to class?
​Dog Leash (do not bring a retractable leash as they can be difficult to work with during doga)
Yoga mat ​
Blanket or towel for your dog to lie on
Your dog's vaccination records ( Da2pp & Rabies vaccine required)
**Please no choke chain or prong collars!
Will doga help my dog’s injury or medical condition?​
Please see a veterinarian or canine medical specialist for any injuries and medical conditions. We can only teach human yoga poses and bonding tools to help you relax, renew and nurture yourself and your dog.​​
Will doga help correct my dog's problem behaviors?
​NO. This includes anxiety and fear. In doga we ONLY focus on bonding with our dog in a relaxed, calm state. We do not focus on training. You can schedule an appointment for training or behavior issues separately by calling Susan at 845-489-8206

Call Susan to Register or Purchase a Class Pass Today!

Classes are $25.00 each or you may purchase a discounted 5 Class Pass for $125 or an introductory 10 Class Pass for $150. Payment by cash or check is welcome or you may purchase a Class Pass securely through Paypal below.

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