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What does a dog need?

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 Like us, dogs need nutritious food and fresh water, shelter, sex or social interaction, medical care, physical and mental stimulation. Their needs are pretty basic.

Most people add a dog to their life and have an image in their head of what life with a dog will be like. It doesn't always work out the way we fantasize it will.

By products in pet food

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I often get asked about which commercial pet foods I recommend and it always makes me twitch a little. Even though I worked at the vet hospital and have studied nutrition for a long time, pet foods have become a huge market and constantly change, so it's hard to make a suggestion on what's best for any individual dog.

I have acres and a fence.......

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When I first became a dog trainer, getting customers took a little time. Even when I was working at the animal hospital and had lots of connections to people who needed my services! It takes time to build up a reputation and a  small business, so to fill in the gaps in my schedule, I decided to offer dog walking services. I never dreamed people in the country would need a dog walker and lots of people still don't think that they do. Here are my top 3 reasons why YOU need a dog walker.

So you want to be a dog walker?

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 If you visit my facebook page, you might see some pictures of me and the dogs that I walk and you might think to yourself " Hey, that looks like a fun job!" Trust me it can be very fun and walking 10 or 12 miles every day has it's health benefits too.

Living in a college town, it's common to see ads and flyers and online offers for dog walking services.

Domestic dog?

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 I've been listening to the SPARCS seminar. Just a little bit here and there as I've worked most of the weekend. SPARCS stands for: Society for the Promotion of Applied Research in Canine Science.

This stuff is fascinating and the panel of great dog experts is presenting all sorts of great research that they have performed in the quest to better understand the dogs that we live with today.

Shelter dog or responsible breeder?

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  It is that time of year when folks start thinking about adding a dog to the family. Schools almost out, the weather is nice for potty training a puppy and nothing is more fun than watching the kids romp around the yard with the family dog.

 Most of you know that I am a big fan of adoption. Every dog that gets adopted saves a life, even if you adopt from a no kill shelter, it opens a cage for them to pull a dog from a high kill shelter. I am not going to debate no kill vs kill shelters here. That's another blog.

Christmas Puppies

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Christmas Puppies

Lets talk about touch, Baby

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Before I get started, finish this sentence. Touch is_______________________________________.

Our species, humans, answer this question with lots of descriptive terms.

Touch is; comforting, tender, intimate, connecting, healing, gentle, important.

 Why then, do humans expect touch to be different for other species?

Why is pushing, pulling, jerking, popping, smacking,choking, hitting, kicking, forcefull, painfull, scary- not associated with our understanding of the term  touch, but still perfectly acceptable in animal training?

Out and About with Fido

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It's that time of year when block parties and street festivals are happening almost every weekend. Dog lovers are out and about enjoying all the fun summer activities with their canine companions. Here are some things that need to be considered BEFORE heading out with Fido.


Is the event pet friendly?

 Yes, people bring dogs with them to places that don't allow dogs. Know before you go!



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2011 Barktoberfest, our first ever costume party and fund raiser event did not go as planned. Who knew that we would get a blizzard and several inches of snow on a Saturday in October?!

Still, some AMAZING people showed up with their Amazing dogs!

Together, we've collected more than $100.00 and two bins of food, both human and pet food items.

This all came from 7 people!

Checks are still arriving in the mail and the support from my clients, friends and the community at large has been overwhelming.