Have you hugged your dog today?

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A few days back, on another site, I commented how dogs are so good at reading us silly humans.

Dogs lick us and we understand that as the dogs version of a "kiss"

Dogs put their heads in our lap and we understand that as a dogs version of a "hug"

Dogs understand a frown and a smile.

Dogs 'read' us all the time. They watch our faces, our posture, our hands and they know what we are feeling. I asked my readers if they had hugged their dog today. Most had. Sweet right?


I just read a very interesting article that pointed out something most of don't even think about.

In the dog world, when dogs lock their front legs around another dog it's either mating, fighting or play fighting. All of which are dominant displays. Think about how many children get bitten by the family pet just because they went over and tried to hug the dog. Most of these bites are reported as being "out of the blue" The dog showed no outward signs of aggression right before the bite according to the witnesses.  Actually the dog most likely did show signs, we humans just aren't as good at reading dogs as they are at reading us.

Here is the article