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2011 Barktoberfest, our first ever costume party and fund raiser event did not go as planned. Who knew that we would get a blizzard and several inches of snow on a Saturday in October?!

Still, some AMAZING people showed up with their Amazing dogs!

Together, we've collected more than $100.00 and two bins of food, both human and pet food items.

This all came from 7 people!

Checks are still arriving in the mail and the support from my clients, friends and the community at large has been overwhelming.

The whole point of my annual food drive is to help folks keep their family pets at home and out of the shelter system during trying times. This event certainly happened during a trying time, while people are still reeling from hurricane Irene. The last thing we needed was a snow storm, power outages etc.

 Yet, people STILL reached out to help. Drove through the storm to be there, to donate and to lend a hand.

I can not express my sincere thanks enough.

Everything that was donated from local small business was awarded as prizes to our guests or were re- donated to other local agencies ( 3 dozen leftover donuts went to the police department)

Here is a toast, to YOU, my community, friends and clients!

Our mission to help our neighbors was accomplished.